Anhui jingling Glass Machinery Co., Ltd.
Anhui jingling official website Hotline:400-0552-125 CN
Products Hotline:0552-4093567

24×365Service system

24 hours speed corresponding + professional grade equipment stable operation for 365 days.

24 Hour service hotline:0552-3110051


technological innovation

Jingling glass cutting has strict control over product quality, and the innovation of technology will never stop……


Cooperation and win-win

Meticulously serving more than 500 enterprises in the world

Cooperative suppliers
Contact us Service Hotline:189-5520-6612

Address: No。 1285 Yan Nan Road, Bengbu national hi tech Development Zone。

Sales Hotline: 0552-4093567

After sale hotline: 0552-3110051

Fax: 0552-4079802

E-mail: bbjlbq@126。com

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